PUBG Mobile India: No Permissions Yet Granted by Government on Release

PUBG Mobile asks for a meeting with the government

The comeback of PUBG Mobile India is only possible when the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology approves PUBG Corporation in India. There is some bad news for the Indian users who are desperately waiting for PUBG Mobile to comeback. The Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MeiTY) has confirmed that PUBG Corporation has not been given any permission to re-start PUBG Mobile in India.

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According to the reports, the ministry has said that if the company is banned in India it cannot just resume its operations by simply making its announcements of coming back. There are some protocols that the PUBG Corporation needs to assure the government. One most important agreement is about user data privacy which means it shouldn’t be sold or misuse for any other purpose.

Once the company is banned it needs to follow a proper procedure to restart, otherwise, many other banned companies will follow the same steps to re-start their operations in India. PUBG Corporation introduced the new model for Indian users on November 12 and exactly six days later download links also appeared on the official website of PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile is still banned in India

On November 21 the PUBG Corporation has registered as an entity with the Ministry of Corporation Affairs. Then, PUBG India Private Limited established as a subsidiary at Bangalore, signifies that it’s not a considerable improvement for the ban to be revoked. It’s just a headway to launch PUBG Mobile India.

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The report tells that a new company wants to come back to India and is ready to follow government norms. PUBG Mobile was one of the most popular online games in India with about 50 million users. The players are eagerly waiting for its comeback ever since it was banned.

Roopasana Dhillon
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