Among Us: The Among Us Drinking Game

Among Us Drinking Game

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game with a space-themed setting where players choose one out of two roles available in the game which are Crewmates and Impostors. The goal of Crewmates is to identify Impostors and kill them whereas Impostors have to kill the Crewmates and to stop them from completing their tasks.

Among Us Drinking Game is a fun kind of game that adds up excitement during the play. In this Drinking version of Among Us impostor drinks and they have to hide this fact of their drinking from other players so as they don’t get caught. The players drink for the wrong guesses and this whole gameplay of drinking and guessing makes it more thrilling and exciting.

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Among Us Drinking Game: What do you need?

The basic details which you must know about Among Us Drinking game are:

  • This gameplay requires 5-10 players.
  • If the players are less than 8 then it needs only one Impostor.
  • But if there are 9-10 players then there should be two impostors.
  • Definitely a copy of the game.
  • Drinks should be available nearby.

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Among Us Drinking Game: Rules for the game

There should be only one or two impostors in the game and try to go for voice mode instead of using the texting mode.

1.  Rules for the Crewmates:

It is advised to the crewmates to drink when he is in any of the following situations:

  • On the completion of any task
  • When any reactor melts down
  • If there is any leak(O2)
  • If you witness any dead body
  • If by chance you get killed

Crewmate should finish their drinks only when it loses the game because of the reactor meltdown.

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2.  Rules for the Impostors:

To drink anytime during the game Impostors should follow the given rules:

  • If it kills someone
  • On ejection of any crewmate
  • On sabotaging the reactor
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