GTA Online: How to aboard the USS Luxington Business Battle without any harm

USS Luxington Business Battle

With its Los Santos Summer Special update, Grand Theft Auto Online has been treating players to a slew of new content. In addition to new equipment, tasks, and the new Business Fights, one of which takes place on the idling aircraft carrier USS Luxington, the USS Luxington Business Battle can now be accessed by players.

Depending on the completion period, the USS Luxington Business Battle Combat gives GTA Online players the regular hefty reward of $10,000, alongside valuable products for their nightclub and cash incentives. That being said, it’s no easy job to approach the USS Luxington Business Battle. Some of the game’s most threatening guns are protecting the floating aircraft carrier.

If you have tried to take on the USS Luxington Business Battle in the modern Business Wars of GTA Online, you have undoubtedly failed, at least sometimes. However, if you follow the step-by-step guide below, you can conduct this mission on a regular basis without any problems.

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GTA Online USS Luxington Business Battle: How to Play

Picture Source: Massively Overpowered

However, if you obey the step-by-step guide below, you can conduct this mission on a regular basis without any problems. This one provides $10,000 per box of merchandise, like every other Business Fight, with other bonuses on top depending on the time it takes to complete them.

It will activate its defenses to approach the USS Luxington Business Battle casually and can easily lead to the elimination of a player. However, smart users have pointed out that the USS Luxington Business Battle will not protect itself against a free-falling player. That is, the ship’s defenses can only lock on a vehicle or a parachuting player, so players can simply freefall sneakily until the last possible moment instead of trying to roll up in one of the latest summer update vehicles.

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Players should ensure they have a parachute before going there, and any facilities they may want to use during the Business War. The Los Santos Summer Special update brought plenty of new content, so before heading to this company, feel free to take the time to explore.

If you want to play USS Luxington, follow the steps given below:

  • Jump into Online GTA.
  • Make sure you are fitted with a parachute and mission-ready arms. If you are not sure, check-in your inventory.
  • Hop onto the closest plane you can find from there.
  • Fly over to the aircraft carrier USS Luxington. It’s situated in the Los Santos Southeast Shore.
  • Hit the maximum altitude and then, freefalling, parachute out.
  • Pull your parachute to the ground really low, jump onto the vessel, and the mission starts.
  • The air defenses of the ship will fail to attack the incoming player if timed correctly, and a secure landing will be no problem.

The Business Battle plays out like any other once aboard, so just concentrate on scoring those eliminations and collecting the loot. Before taking the aircraft carrier by stylish storm, players interested in completing the mission with some flair might want to unlock the outfit of the Yacht Captain.

GTA Online: Location of USS Luxington Business Battleon

Los Santos’ southeast sea was a pretty vague explanation of its location, so we figured we were going to tell you its location more accurately. After all, if you do not know what you are looking for, it is not the easiest thing to spot.

Travel past Los Santos International Airport to find it in-game and proceed to go to the Southeast corner of the map’s water. Here, as seen below, you will finally come to the destination of the ship.

It may not be the best idea to float around on a small raft, as we can see in the screenshot, though, and the parachute trick is potentially the safest way to gain entry.

All operate as a general Business battle mission once aboard. Take what you can, get a lot of eliminations, and still enjoy the prizes, of course.

Before August 19th, players who were able to complete this Business Battle (or any other one) should also remember to search their inventories for the Pink Dot Tech Mask, which was provided during that time as a bonus reward. However, people late to the party need not worry too much, there is always plenty of loot up for grabs.

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