How To Purchase UC at a Low Price in PUBG Mobile?

Purchase UC at Cheap Rate

If you are searching for how to purchase UC at a low price in PUBG Mobile then you are at the right place. After searching for a long time on how to purchase or buy UC at a low price than the Indian region, we finally got some trick for you guys to purchase/buy UC at a low price.

After the ban of PUBG Mobile in India to buy UC from the in-game purchase is not possible. So, we find another way to purchase UC which is also an official method to purchase UC at a low price in PUBG Mobile.

For purchasing UC at a low price we are using the official website of Midasbuy, in which we found that different countries have their different price for purchasing UC and also different method to pay the amount. Here we will discuss everything about the Midasbuy store and will give you some hidden tricks of it so that you can also purchase UC at a low price in PUBG Mobile.

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According to the countries we had made a price list according to Indian currency INR, so you guys can easily know how to purchase UC at a low price in PUBG Mobile and from which region or country.

Comparison List for Purchasing PUBG Mobile UC

PUBG Mobile UC Store

We have created a list so that everyone will get how much they are going to pay for a 690 UC and importantly all Price are converted to Indian rupee (sign: ₹; currency code: INR) which is the official currency of India.

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Country Amount of UC Price in INR
India 600+60 UC ₹ 738
Australia 600+90 UC ₹ 786
Cambodia 600+60 UC ₹ 733
Hongkong 600+90 UC ₹ 737
Indonesia 500+25 UC ₹ 497
Kazakhstan 600+90 UC ₹ 681
Laotian 550+49 UC ₹ 634
Malaysia 600+90 UC ₹ 704
Pakistan 600+90 UC ₹ 671
Sri Lanka 600+90 UC ₹ 720
Thailand 600+90 UC ₹ 703
Algeria 600+60 UC ₹ 673
Kuwait 600+90 UC ₹ 719
Russia 600+90 UC ₹ 707
Brazil 600+90 UC ₹ 498
Mexico 600+90 UC ₹ 683

Note: We have made this list according to Indian currency after converting the UC price of the respective country to INR.

After, reading this article you will definitely get from which country or region you need to purchase UC at a low price in PUBG Mobile.

If you find any difficulties to purchase UC from Midas buy store then you can follow the given instruction in our article “Here’s How You Can Purchase PUBG Mobile UC After Ban” in which we cover everything about Midasbuy.

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