12 Unknown Facts About Among Us

(With 4-10 players assisted, each game is chosen randomly as Impostors by 1–3 of these players, and the remainder is Crewmates.)

Among Us is InnerSloth’s online multiplayer video game which was launched on June 15th, 2018. There are some unknown facts about Among Us which still are unknown to most of the players. The game consists of a group of players on a spacecraft, each taking one of two roles, with the majority being crewmates or imposters.

The aim of the crew is to locate and remove the imposters while preserving the ship’s functions, and the impostors’ objective is to destroy the ship’s crew or to sabotage it. You can play the game by talking or texting the email.

With 4-10 players assisted, each game is chosen randomly as Impostors by 1–3 of these players, and the remainder is Crewmates. This game is on one of three maps: a spacecraft (The Skeld), an institution with headquarters (Mira HQ), or a base planet (Polus).

Crewmates are given tasks in mini-games around the map which involve maintaining vital systems such as power cables and fueling engine systems. A false list of duties is given to impostors to integrate into Crewmates and be able to sabotage map systems, cross vents, recognize other impostors, and destroy crewmates.

When a player dies, it becomes a fantasy; ghosts are capable of crossing the walls but can only communicate in restricted ways with the environment, invisible to all, except for other fantasies.

Besides the fantasies, all players have a restricted eye cone, only to display a certain distance in spite of the top-down perspective of the game. Here are some unknown interesting facts about the popular game Among Us:

Among Us: List of 12 Unknown Facts About the Game

(Among Us is developed and designed by a team of only three members)

1. The original name of the game is not “Among Us”

“Space Mafia” is the original name designated and licensed for the video games, but the developers have changed their minds and have renamed it “Among Us.” It is claimed to be more interesting to their players. “Space Mafia”. This perhaps is one of the most interesting unknown facts about Among Us.

2. Only three people created the game

It is generally assumed that a large team of developers is required to construct a video game. Among us, things were a little different in its development when compared to other games, as there are only 3 people who created this popular game- Marcus Bromander, Amy Liu, and Forest W.

3. Has surpassed the game Avengers Time to Assemble

With the support of titles of large franchises such as Marvel’s Avengers: Time to Assemble, Crystal Dynamics video game based on the Marvel super-hero series is the studio of creative designers Among Us, who holds the leading sales spot at the Steam site.

4. It is anticipated that Among Us 2 will be released soon

Via his social media reports, Inner sloth verified that he works on us 2. And while no further specifics have been disclosed, it is thought that it will take a few months for online shops to open. They still want to profit from the moment’s success.

5. The production of the game took 12 months

Among us, there is only a three-man video game. Just as amazing, it’s just as remarkable that only 3 people were among us, it’s just about 12 months. They have few money, but the design of the game is so simple that they no longer required time.

6. Is it a copy of the Ultimate knockout edition of Fall Guys?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Among Us, particularly the design of their characters, are very similar so it can be a copy. Fall Guys were nevertheless revealed for Windows and PlayStation 4 in June 2019 and released on August 4, 2020.

7. It is actually available from 2018.

While it was a few weeks ago between us, the reality is that since June 15, 2018, this game has come to online stores. There are millions of players at the same time today.

8. The Imposter hack

If the impostor is in an open-air, he locks the spring door so that if there are more than one other impostors cannot access the same opening door he entered last, he will most probably kill you.

The possibly dead cap in electrical tasks is 86.1%. The room is lacking, you can never go into the room, the red guy is made if the fire takes place, the cyan guy is made from ice and the black person is secretly shade and a sus, the imposters have to be careful of all of this. He is probably going to kill you, you’re going to kill yourself in the game. So one must be careful of all these hacks.

Whenever someone uses the screen inside the security room the cameras start blinking with a red light you can notice it here. Keep an eye on these cameras as they suggest that you’re being monitored by someone as soon as the crewmate goes away from the screen.

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The camera stops blinking so if you’re an imposter who’s planning to finish someone? Wait until the red light stops blinking this means you’re safe. Now go and surprise your enemy

Just click on this screen once to skip the loading animation and enter into the game faster you’ll save a few seconds and can run away to take your position before others.

An imposter can never do any real task he can just pretend to do the tasks. One can also look at the security camera to find the imposter.

(You can keep names of colors to confuse other players now when someone tries to vote you out.)

9. The Animation based tricks

So here are three animation based tricks to find the imposter.

Number one – if you’re doing this task inside the weapons room notice this fire animation every time you hit a target. So if you find someone doing this task check for the animation real player imposter.

Number two- This task in the med bay has a unique animation so if you see someone doing it you can completely trust him as your crewmate.

Number three- here’s one more task below the storage area. Whenever someone does this task a gate opens up to throw the garbage, so always keep in mind these tasks can only be done by a genuine player and not by an imposter.

10. Standing close to other players do affect chances of getting the imposter caught

Here’s a good way to find the imposter. Whenever someone is doing a single task mission keep an eye on the taskbar if the bar increases you can confirm that he’s your crewmate. If the bar doesn’t increase, you can easily predict that he’s the imposter.

While you’re an imposter if you find three to four players standing close to each other doing some tasks together take advantage of this situation and finish one of them since the area was crowded they can’t clearly predict the imposter.

It’s not necessary to be very close to an enemy for finishing them as soon as you come around an enemy a red line appears around them hence you can finish them from a fair distance.

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11. Sabotage Hacks

Now let’s talk about sabotage. It’s a feature only given to the imposter.

Using sabotage you can close the gates of any area within the map by clicking on the cross mark of that area. Also, you can call for some emergency tasks by clicking on one of these the reactor task requires two members to complete it

Also, the Oxygen task requires two members to complete it whereas the electrical task requires only one member to complete it. If the crewmates fail to complete the emergency task within the given time, the imposter automatically wins the game. Vents are an easy way to escape or stay hidden.

There are many vent charts available to clearly describe all the vent positions and the possible directions to go from in each vent.

Here’s a 200 iq trick you could use. Notice the camera blinking that suggests someone is in the security. Now go to the med bay and close the gate of the security room. Now use vents and finish your enemy

12. Tricks to fool other players

Here’s a good trick to fool people. You can keep names of colors to confuse other players now when someone tries to vote you out. Others get confused and vote out the guy whose color is the same as your name.

So if you want to make the game really confusing ask all your friends to change their name to the name of a color. The admin map is a very useful thing.

Here’s a fun trick if you believe that someone is 100%, not the imposter. Stand next to him and align yourself so when an imposter comes to finish one of you he’d get a good surprise.

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