Free Fire Latest Update Patch Notes

Free Fire Latest Update Patch Notes
Free Fire Latest Update Patch Notes

The Free Fire latest Update “Booyah Day or OB24 update” is finally out, and players can update Free Fire to see new features. Players can update or download the Free Fire latest Update from Google Play Store and App Store.

There are various features introduced that make it better. Some new places addition with some new characters and a pet named Rockie is also introduced. The spoon island is based on somewhere on the Diwali theme and the infrastructure of buildings is also changed in the map.

Here Are All The Features Of The Free Fire Latest Update You Need To Know:

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Upgraded Training Ground and New Movie Theater

In training ground a Target Arcade is introduced, where you can do the shooting. Players can go there and have a shooting competition to improve shooting skills. Also with Target Arcade’s new private movie theatre on the Training Ground is provided.

New Spawn Island and Team Boost

The Free Fire latest Update game’s spawn island has been completely redesigned and some changes have been made in it. Continental Series and now one player can leap from a teammate’s back for a higher jump.

The Racing Zone and The Social Zone

In the racing zone of the Free Fire latest Update, you can beep to tell other cars to get out of the way or you can also use the nitro to make your way out. In Social Zone, the driving sound is reduced for the betterment.

New Setting Options and Control Grenade Mechanism

The Hindi language has been made available for players to use in the Free Fire latest Update game. Now players can change the settings to Hindi as well. Control your grenade Detonation Time the players will be able to set up or cook the grenade before throwing them.

The New AFK Detection’s and The New Exclusive Skin

The New AFK detections in introduced and new exclusive skin “The Golden Famas”. Make sure that you collect the skins.

New Weapons The Parafal and Flamethrower

New Weapons
New Weapons

Parafal has high firepower but as we know there are some advantages as well as disadvantages, in return a relatively low rate of fire. The range performer will be performed greatly in the hands of a skilled player. The Parafal gun works similarly to the SKS gun and has an inbuilt feature of 4X scope.

Some adjustments are made to some other weapons. The Parafal has been added to both Classic and Clash Squad game modes in the Free Fire latest Update. It is important to note that the Flamethrower is only available in the training mode. In Flamethrower, Gun flame will come out. Another gun is WoodPecker it is a kind of AR Based gun.

Specification of Parafal:
Damage: 48
Magazine: 30
Rate of fire: 0.245
Attachments: Muzzle, Stock, Magazine, grip, and scope

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