Fall Guys Mid-Season Update: Everything You Need to Know About it

Fall Guys have dropped its Fall Guys Season 1 mid-Season update. It hardly happens when games become hit overnight. According to reports, Fall Guys has made the most money on PC after ‘Overwatch’. The game has a lot to offer in its first mid-season update including, the Big Yeetus, Anti- Cheat, and smoother play.

Great news for Fall Guys fans. The new Mid – Season update is already here. Fall Guys players have been climbing the summits, grabbing tails of your opponents and now there’s an update which brings a level of new variation. So now you don’t have to go through the same obstacles but there are going be a few elements on almost every map.

Also, there has been a problem with hackers and cheaters but with this update, this is fixed now. Every player looks different, has their own unique costume in the game.

Fall Guys Season 1 mid-Season update: The Big Yeetus

The big giant hammer is known as ‘Yeetus’, which is continuously spinning. The Yeetus is going to appear randomly in the ongoing matches.

Pros: Players can get a lot of advantages from Yeetus, as they are able to win crowns (and sometimes the game gets broken). Yeetus is really effective, as it draws the players across the maps.

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Cons: Though not good all the time and players have reported that Yeetus is glitching them into the broken parts of the map in the game. The developers are aware of this problem and are on fixing this.

(Image Source: Eurogamer)

Epic Anti-Cheat

Mediatonic developers have implemented Epic’s Anti-Cheat in order to keep away players who use cheats or hacks in the game. Epic’s Easy Anti – Cheat is the same Anti-Cheat used by Fortnite. Adding this Anti – Cheat in the game will allow players to enjoy the game without any hassle.

The game will be smoother to play than before and these improvements have made the fans even more excited for Fall Guys next season.

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Ishita Sharma
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