Solved: Why Free Fire is Not Working Today?

Free Fire is not working today is the most searched query on the Internet for the last four hours. A game that has totally replaced PUBG Mobile has some sever issues and Free Fire is not working today in India. As per the official sources, Garena Free Fire is not working today and is currently undergoing some server maintenance.

Free Fire is Not Working Today: Server Maintenance Time

(Free Fire is not working today: Here’s the Solution)

The servers of Garena Free Fire are undergoing some changes from 10 AM, September 23 to 5:30 PM, September 23. This is because the Free Fire OB24 Update is coming soon in the game. Considering the update, Free Fire is not working today and you can download the game once it is available in the Google Play Store and iOS.

Free Fire is Not Working Today: When Will Server Get Back to Normal?

Once the maintenance process gets over, the problem of ‘Free Fire is Not Working Today’ will get resolved and players can continue playing the game in their smartphones. The server updating will be over by 5:30 PM in the evening, as per IST.

Free Fire is Not Working Today: OB24 Update and Server Issue

(Free Fire is undergoing some server maintenance)

The problem of ‘Free Fire is not working today’ in India occurred due to the upcoming update. With respect to the update, the servers were taken down and Fire Fire is not Working today. The game will soon be back on the track and players can continue their hunting for kills.

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You just have to wait for the servers to work again and in the meantime you can continue reading content on Free Fire on MoroEsports. We have other cool stuff to read on the website.

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