PMPL America Session 2020: Schedule and Teams

The journey for the crown has been started, PMPL Americas Session 2020 is going to start from 22nd September 2020 at 4 P.M. PDT in India you can watch the live stream at 4:30 A.M. on 23rd September 2020.

There will we 24 Teams divided into 3 groups fighting against each other so that they can end at the top of the table. Twelve teams have been directly qualified for the PMPL Americas Session 2020, these teams have been in the top 12 in the last session of PMPL Americas Season 1.

The other teams who got qualified for PMPL Americas Session 2020 are:- Top 4 teams from PMCO North America, Top 4 teams from PMCO Brazil, Top 4 teams from PMCO LATM.

These 24 Teams will fight against each other in PMPL Americas Session 2020 for 3 weeks and each team will play 20 matches in the first and second week and the last week they will play only 12 matches.

PMPL Americas Session 2020: Teams And Point Distribution

The PMPL Americas Session 2020 is going to run for 20 days in which the best 24 teams from the Americas region is going to battle so that they get the top 3 positions and prize pool of 200K $. The top 3 teams will qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship which will occur in late November.


Participants For PMPL Americas Session 2020

The Teams Which Direct Qualified:

  1. LOOPS
  2. Nova Esports NA
  3. B4 eSports
  4. Cloud9
  5. Wildcard Gaming
  6. Team Queso
  7. Tempo Storm
  8. Pittsburgh Knights
  9. Tribe Gaming
  10. XSET
  11. G25 Gaming
  12. A7 eSports

Teams that qualified from Club Open North America are Execute Esports, Defeaters, Helping Quit Addiction, and The Unnamed.

Teams that qualified from Club Open Brazil are ACE1, Brazilian Rampage, INFLUENCE RAGE, Bonde Da Madruga.

Teams that qualified from Club Open Latin America are 19esports, INTZ eSports, Klaze Esports, Meta Gaming.

Group Draw

Group A Group B Group C
 Meta Gaming INFLUENCE RAGE Loops
Team Queso Ace1 Brazilian Rampage
19esports INTZ Mobile B4 eSports
Bonde Da Madruga Klaze Esports A7 eSports
Nova Esports NA Tempo Storm Execute Esports
XSET Cloud9 Mobile Pittsburgh Knights
 The Unnamed Tribe Gaming Defeaters
 Wildcard Gaming G25 Gaming Helping Quit Addiction

Point Distribution Table (Latest)

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