PUBG Mobile: Esports Organizations are Stepping Back from India

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As PUBG Mobile got banned in India, major Esports Organizations are planning to step back from India. The PUBG Mobile ban in India is not just a loss of Chinese company Tencent, but, it also taming the future of Indian gamers who play competitively. The ban took back everything from PUBG Mobile streamer and it also stops the pace of Esports as half of the Esports growth in India is dependent on PUBG Mobile.

As a result of this, Esports Organizations are not finding profit to invest and they are slowly stepping back from India. Few Esports Orgs. are still holding for a few months and looking for positive results as the game might get unban in few weeks.

Impact of Ban on Indian Competitive Players and Streamers

Orange Rock Esports India

On September 2, the Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile and the game server will be blocked in India within a few days. After that, no one will be able to play PUBG Mobile in India. These Banwave mostly affect the players who invested so much money in their PUBG Mobile accounts and setting up a system for live streaming.

The players who play competitively may not be getting salary from their respective firms as most of the investors and sponsors are stepping back after the ban. This definitely is not a positive sign for the Esports industry of India.
As per the sources, PUBG Mobile might get unbanned in a few weeks. Tencent has announced that it is coordinating with the Government of India regarding privacy policies. The ban turned out to be a disaster for Tencent as the firm has lost millions in a span of two days.
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