PUBG MOBILE: The Video Review Station is Online

PUBG Mobile: Video Review Station

As PUBG MOBILE: The Video Review Station is Online now, so PUBG MOBILE players can now register for the Video Review Station in-game. Although the Govt. of India has decided to ban PUBG Mobile however no such action has been taken till now, the game is still alive. PUBG Mobile has come with a new feature i.e., the Video Review Station in which players can participate to filter out hackers from the game and help developers to make a healthy environment.

The Video Review Station: How You Can Participate?

The Video Review Station is an event which is launched by PUBG Mobile on 2nd September to overcome the unfair environment and to make hackers free PUBGM. To participate in The Video Review Station you need to click on the event BAN-PAN. In the Ban-Pan event menu you can see Video-Review, then click on it and send a request to participate in this event.
PUBG Mobile: Video Review Station

The Video Review Station: Why We Need To Participate?

The Video Review Station event has come with so many in-game gifts that we can earn by providing a correct review. this event also has a level so the number of correct reviews means an increase in the review level and which will give you an equal amount of bonus. And the most important point to participate in the video review station is that it will ban all hackers from the game with the help of players. 

                                                (BP you get according to your Review Level)

  (Weekly Rewards)


The Video Review Station: About video Review Station

1. The player name will be covered during video reviews to ensure fairness.
2. Videos of suspicious player behavior will be randomly assigned to multiple reviewers. When the majority of the reviewers indicate there is a violation, the video will be sent to the official security team for further review.
3. Players whose violations are confirmed by the official security team will be banned.
4. Reviewers with a low accuracy of spotting violations will be adjusted to have less impact on a review until their reviewer privileges are revoked.
Click Here To Know More About: The Video Review Station
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