Dr. Disrespect Collaborating with Scout is the Latest Big News All Across the World

Dr. Disrespect is an American Internet celebrity, current YouTube streamer, and former Twitch streamer.

Dr. Disrespect Scout collaboration is the latest trending topic in the eSports world worldwide. American internet celebrity Dr. Disrespect to collaborate with India’s top PUBG Mobile player Scout, announced on his YouTube live stream. The world is waiting to catch live these top players of their respective fields and say something about Dr. Disrespect Scout collaboration.

Dr. Disrespect Scout Collaboration: Reactions on the Biggest Announcement

Dr. Disrespect is a famous PC gamer whereas Scout is best known for his insane PUBG Mobile skills.

Scout, who recently finished #2 in PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) is very much excited to make history. A tweet on his official Twitter handle reflects his excitement.

This is the first time ever when someone from India is collaborating with a top American Esports player. Announced on his Instagram handle, Scout mentioned the date and time of the Dr. Disrespect Scout collaboration. As per the official statement, Scout, on August 21, at exactly 9 PM is collaborating with Dr. Disrespect.

The sources of MoroEsports say that Dr. Disrespect Scout collaboration might be seen playing Call of Duty Warzone or PUBG PC on their YouTube live streams.

Dr. Disrespect Scout Collaboration: How it all happened?

It all started when fans of Tanmay Singh, a.k.a. ScoutOP started spamming on Dr. Disrespect’s YouTube live stream. “Please Play with Scout”, “Scout OP”, “Collaborate with Scout” were some of the most common comments of that stream. The process of spamming continued until Dr. Disrespect himself has to come and stop this.
To their reply, Dr. Disrespect stated that this Friday, he is going to collaborate with this young Indian PUBG Mobile player Scout and have some chat online on Dr. Disrespect Scout collaboration.
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