PUBG Mobile: How to increase K/D in PUBG Mobile?

How to increase K/D in PUBG Mobile

Today, we will tell you How to increase K/D in PUBG Mobile, and this, for sure, will work if you follow the way top K/D players use. As we all know currently PUBG Mobile is the most loved game and craze for this game is increasing. So, there are many players who are curious about How to increase K/D in PUBG Mobile, so they can show to their friends and other players.

How to Increase K/D in PUBG Mobile: Tips  & Tricks

To increase K/D in PUBG Mobile you just need to remember some tips and tricks and also need to follow them and we will also show you a sample K/D ratio and how one can go to ACE within 65 matches in the squad.
Trick 1:
First of all, you guys have to select your drop location which is near water. Why? Because of the maximum chances of getting BOT at these locations.
Trick 2:
Also, you can go to Pochinki near to the warehouses of Potatoes Hill, you will definitely get 2-4 bot at these locations.

And the main secret to ‘How to increase K/D in PUBG mobile’ is trying play early morning according to the IST (Indian standard timezone) along with playing squad or duo matches after 2 weeks from starting a new season.

Trick 3:
If you play after 2 weeks from the starting of the new season definitely you can see a difference in your K/D from the previous seasons.
So these are some tips so that you guys must know ‘How to increase K/D in PUBG Mobile’ and below is some pictures of my game Statistics. Here you can check my K/D and average damage after coming to ACE, K/D decreases from 8 to 5.71.
How to increase K/D in PUBG Mobile
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