Viral News: PUBG Mobile to get ban in Punjab and Haryana

For the last one year, PUBG Mobile has been the number one choice of the Indian youth when it comes to mobile gaming. The game surely has reached milestones in the Indian gaming community and all over the world.

The PUBG Mobile has a special fan base here in India. Reach stations or public malls, there is a high probability that the youth is somewhere looking at his screen, shooting enemies in Sanhok, or looting somewhere in Bootcamp.

However, interestingly, as per the fact and reports of the last 8-10 months, the number of crimes related to the game are increasing at a rapid speed. If you are into the PUBG Mobile eSports genre, you would have seen a lot of news like, “youth burning himself with acid for not getting enough chicken dinners”, or, something like, “a person killed his father for not paying him money for in-game UC purchases.”

Considering the same incidents, on December 10, Punjab and Haryana court suggested IT ministry to impose a lifetime ban on PUBG Mobile in the state. As per the court, the game is destroying the healthy minds of the youth and making them more violent than ever before.

The reason why Punjab and Haryana court is trying to ban the game in the states is because of the impact of the drugs on the same population. As per them, PUBG Mobile is nowhere different from drugs and is impacting the brains in the same sense. In the past, the states have seen their youth getting destroyed in the drugs and other unhealthy activities.

From a hardcore PUBG fan, this news would come out to be a nightmare. The PUBG Mobile, nowadays, is the trending topic among the youth. The youth (no matter how dangerous is the game) would never be happy with a ban

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Mohit Kumar
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